How to Make Your Beard Grow Faster, Thicker, and More Even

How to Make Your Beard Grow Faster, Thicker, and More Even

You’ve finally grown out your beard—congratulations! But now the tricky part begins: keeping it looking even and full without too much trouble or maintenance. Follow these tips on how to make your beard grow faster, thicker, and more evenly, and you’ll never have to worry about that scraggly patch right under your chin again.

What is beard?
The beard itself is just hair on your face. It’s natural for both men and women; before humans started shaving regularly, there was no such thing as a five o’clock shadow because everyone had at least some facial hair! The real question is: What makes a good beard? For many people (men and women), facial hair can seem like more of an obstacle than an asset. Some guys want thicker beards but don’t understand how to work with what they have. Others want their beard to grow faster so that they can stop shaving so often. Still others want their beards to look more even but are unsure of how to achieve that goal.

The science behind growing your beard
How does beard hair grow? So glad you asked. A beard—that is, facial hair that grows on your face—is not actually hair at all; rather it’s part of your skin. As such, it has a number of biological functions that are very different from other types of body hair. The most obvious difference is shape: Although there are plenty of people with curly or coily head hair who have no qualms about their follicles looking like miniature topiaries in action (we’re looking at you here, Leonardo DiCaprio), facial follicles almost always grow outward from just under your skin’s surface (i.e., they’re terminal hairs). But how do they do that? What gives them their unique shape?

The 7 best ways to make your beard thicker
Growing a beard isn’t easy. There’s no miracle cure or bearding pill that will make your facial hair appear out of nowhere. You have to earn it with patience and dedication. There are some things you can do, however, that will dramatically increase your chances of achieving thick beard growth: . Eat a protein-rich diet: Beards are made of protein, so it makes sense that if you want more beard hairs—you need more protein in your diet. Studies show that people who consume adequate amounts of protein (1–2 grams per kilogram of body weight) have 30% greater levels of keratin in their hair.

What should I eat for faster growth?
While many people turn to expensive products or supplements when it comes time to grow their beard faster, you may not realize that you already have everything you need in your kitchen. Avocados contain all of the nutrients that promote healthy hair growth. They contain Biotin (vitamin H), Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin E and Magnesium. All of these nutrients combined can help stimulate hair growth in your beard, giving you a thicker and more consistent look over time. In addition Avocados are rich in sterolins, phytosterols which inhibit DHT (dihydrotestosterone) an enzyme that shrinks your hair follicles causing decreased production of new cells on existing hairs leading to thinner beards over time.

What are the best oils for growth?
When it comes to getting your beard growing at maximum capacity, there are a few essential oils that you’ll want to keep on hand ”Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil”. These have been proven time and again by different companies—notably Beardbrand—to promote faster growth of your facial hair. You can use these oil blends with a mix of carrier oils such as jojoba oil or argan oil. The exact recipe will vary based on which oils you choose; but if you’re looking for beard growth oils specifically, here are some suggestions: Moroccan Red Clay: This clay is said to contain multiple nutrients that help grow thick hair.

Other tips.
Get a beard trimmer. While you’re at it, pick up a pair of barber shears as well. They have sharp blades perfect for cutting your hair short or thinning out your beard if it’s patchy. Every couple weeks you can pull out your trimmer (or take them to a professional) and get rid of any strays that grew in since your last trimming session. Always shave with sharp razors or shears: dull blades will lead to ingrown hairs (and no one wants those). But don’t overdo it! Think about how much is too much? It may surprise you that there really isn’t an ideal length.

Additional resources
These days, more men are growing beards. While many men wear them for practical reasons (i.e., it’s cold outside), some people grow facial hair because they prefer a more rugged look. For men who want to grow their beard out but aren’t sure how to do so without creating an odd patchwork of hair across their face or having one area of skin get irritated while another remains smooth and spotless, there are ways to achieve a healthy beard that will also promote faster growth and overall thickness. We spoke with Kyle Marchio , founder of The Mod Cabin , a company that specializes in natural grooming products made from simple ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter and rosehip seed oil.

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